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Artist Backstreet Boys
Song lyrics Welcome To My Heart from Never Gone album.

Darkness falls
I thought I heard you call
Or was it just a dream

I'm a little scared
Knowing you're out there
So far away from me

It's been so long
Since you've been gone
Every day I miss you more

And now I wanna know
Why did you have to go
What were you looking for

And I hope you find your way
But I can't wait to say

You're home now
Not alone now
These arms are here to hold you
No need to be afraid
So come in
Cuz I've been
Waiting for the moment
To open the store
And I know that it's not much
But welcome to my heart

So you lost your way
But that's yesterday
And I don't care where you've been

Cuz every step
Taken since you left
Has brought you back again

And I hope you see it clear
My love's always right here


Welcome to my heart
Welcome to my heart
Welcome to my heart
Welcome to my heart

And I'm glad you found your way
And I hope you're here to stay


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