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Artist Brad Paisley
Song lyrics The World from Time Well Wasted album.

To the teller down at the bank, Your just another checking account
To the plumber that came today, Your just another house
At the airport ticket counter, You're just another fare
At the beauty shop at the mall, Well you're just another head of hair
Well thats alright,thats ok
If you dont fell important honey, All ive got to say is..
To the world, You may be just another girl, but to me baby, you are the world

To the waiter at the resturant, you're just another tip
To the guy at the ice cream shop, You're just another dip
When you cant get reservations 'Cause you dont have the clout
Or you didnt get an invitation, 'Cause somebody left you out
Thats alright, thats ok
When you dont feel important honey all ive got to say is
Repeat Chorus
You think you wonder if you matter, baby look into my eyes, And tell me, cant you see your everything to me
Thats alright, Thats ok
When you dont feel important honey All Ive got to say is..
Repeat Chorus

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