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Artist Britney Spears
Song lyrics Anticipating from Britney album.

Top down on the strip, looking in the mirror
and I'm checking out my lipstick
Girlfriends up in the back
We're out for a ride all night
Feelin' so crazy cool, bop so righ
Wonder what they're waiting for
Valet baby here's the keys
We're about to step inside

Skip on the drinks head to the floor
Making my way and that's for sure
My body's takin' over and I want some more
Woah Yeah Yeah

I've been anticipating
This is our song they're playing
I wanna rock with you
You're feeling this right let's do this tonight(Yeah yeah)

Step up baby don't be shy I know you're feeling me 'cos you're giving me the eye and I-
don't wanny play around
Baby watch me move
Check this let's make a scene
Don't leave me waiting alone
Why you wanna make it long playeing?
Move it baby over here so we can set it on

We can get down to the DJ sound
feelin' so good baby all around
feel it comin' oughtta come and get me now
(woah yeah)

repeat chorus

Gotta really let me know if you want me
You gotta turn me on and make me feel sexy
You gotta show me you've got everything that I need x2

(hoo woah yeah)

repeat chorus, repeat bridge

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