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Artist Britney Spears
Song lyrics Mona Lisa from Various Songs album.

Ladies and gentlemen
I've got a little story to tell
About Mona Lisa
And how she suddenly fell.

See, everyone knew her, they knew her oh so well.
Now I am taking over
To release her from her spell

She's unforgettable(yeah)
She was a legend though(yeah yeah)
It's kind of pitiful(yeah yeah)
That she's gone.
It's kind of incredible(yeah yeah)
She's so unpredictable(yeah yeah)
It's time to let her go
Cause she's gone, cause she's gone, cause she's gone.

She was taken under
Drowning in her sea
Running like an angel
She was crying but could not see(OH NO!)
See, everyone's watching
As she starts to fall
Now don't have a breakdown
You will hit the freakin wall.


Now ladies does that make you cry-iiiiii
Now fellas you have to say goodbye ai ai ai
Cause Mona Lisa's got to fly
Everyone, may we have a moment of silence here


Cause shes gone, cause she's gone cause she's gone.....

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