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Artist Celine Dion
Song lyrics Sorry For Love (2003 Version) from One Heart album.

Forgive me for the things I never said to you,
Forgive me for not knowing the right words to say to prove,
That I will always be devoted to you and me,
And if you cant feel that inmy love
Then Im sorry for not giving you enough.

But Im not sorry for my love,
Im nt sorry for my touch,
The way i made your hands tremble and my heart rush,
I would do it all again
Wouldnt take back a thing,
'Cause with you I've lived a thousand lives in one,
And i could never be
I could never be
Sorry for love

Maybe there have been times that I let you down,
Looking back on those moments I know that I should have found,
The best of me for you,
And now I will promise to,
And if you dont see that in my eyes,
Then Ill be sorry for the rest of my life.


We all make mistakes,
No matter how hard we try,
But hearts can only break,
When sorry comes around,
And we dont forgive each other somehow.


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