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Artist Dave Matthews Band
Song lyrics The Stone from Before These Crowded Streets album.

I've this creeping suspicion
that things here are not as they seem
reassure me
of why do i feel as if I;m in too deep
now I've been praying
for some way to show them i'm not what they see
yes i have time oh
but what i did i thought needed be done
i swear

oh unholy day
if i leave now i might get away
oh bu this weighs on me
as heavy as stone an as blue as i go

I was just wondering if you'd come along
hold up my head when my head won't hold on
i'll do the sameif the same's what you want
if not i'll go
I will go a...

...long way
from that fool's mistake
and now forever pain
go run, i will run and i'll be ok


..long way
to bury the past for I don't want to pay
oh how i wish this
to turn back the clock adn do over again


i need do
to stay in your arms see you smile hold you close
and now it weighs on me
as heavy as stone and a bone-chilling cold

I was just wondering if you'd come along
tell me you will

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