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Artist Dave Matthews Band
Song lyrics An' Another Thing from Some Devil album.

Rain for me oh you but called me
It's my broken heart just where you leave me
Now I say to you, "Oooh boy."

Weight on my head
You won't go up, oh
Weight on my head
Oooh ooh my babe

Stay a minute just to hear you waitin'
And no one to confine her
Sweet and tender won't you go out again

Oh, weight on my head
Wouldn't you
Rain on my head
Oh, someone take off a
Weight all alone

Ahh, I met a girl recently
All in a sudden, all a suddenly
Nobody deal for the woe of the world
Wait, all a sudden, all a suddenly
It will all would be, all would be over

Wait, come on rain on my head
Water water!

Many, many dates how you all die

Oh rain money
Grow a war at heart
And in the fire
One out of a million

Wait a minute
Touch your look on me
Denial, denial
Touch your work with me
Do not deny
Rain on my head
Rain on my head
Rain on my head
Rain on my head

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