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Artist Disney
Song lyrics Digital Duck from Mickey Mouse Splashdance album.

Sorry everybody
I'm not home
Please leave a message
At the sound of the tone

Gizmos and gadgets
Electric devices
A microwave blender that cuts, chops, and dices
Chocolate detectors
Alarms that go boom
Donald has dozens in every room

He's a d-d-d-d-digital duck
A d-d-d-d-digital duck
Donald loves his gadgets
Even though they run amok
He's a d-d-d-d-digital duck

His marshmallow toaster
Croaks as it spins
Games he can play
The games always win
Gravity sandals to climb up the walls
Switches a switch that do nothing at all


Widgets and wadgets
Digital gadgets
You switch 'em and bat 'em
Flip 'em and fight 'em
Magnets with motors
Robots with rotors
You name it, he's got it
If he doesn't, he'll get it


CHORUS (higher)

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