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Artist Disney
Song lyrics Hoedown At The Robot Farm from Mickey Mouse Splashdance album.


Goofy: Come on in, y'all

First you hear a clink
Then you hear a clunk
Well there's no cause for alarm
Because all the crashin'
And all that smashin'
Is a hoedown at the robot farm

Loosen your joints if they're too tight
Oil your elbows left and right
Pick yourself a partner with plenty of charm
It's a hoedown at the robot farm

Hoe down!
Well everybody swing
Don't slow down
Just stretch those strings
Let's raise the roof
Whoops! There goes the barn
It's a hoedown at the robot farm

Well you robot gals, don't wait for a man
If you can't find a partner swing an old trashcan
Promenade those gears, dosie doe to the right
The cows won't be home tonight


Swing your partner, grab a wrench
When you get tired, sit on the bench
If you get thirsty, you know what to do
Have a little robot brew


Swing your partner
Promenade to the right
Dosie doe
Don't slow down
Don't slow down

Goofy: Garsh.

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