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Artist Elliot Smith
Song lyrics A Distorted Reality Is Now A Necessity from From A Basement On The Hill album.

I'm floating in a black balloon
ODed on eastern afternoon
My Mama told me baby stay clean
There's no in between

All you ladies and you gentlemen
Betweens all you've seen or been
A fit poly and a razor side dollared
Up in virgin white

You disapoint me
You people raking in on the world
The devil's script sell
You the heart of a blackbird

Shine on me baby
Cause it's raining
In my heart

Sun's rising on a choppy glare
Rain's dropping acid bottled in the air
The distorted reality's now
A necessity to be free

It's so disapointing
First I'll put it all down to luck
But God knows why
My country don't give a fuck

Shine on me baby
Cause its raining
In my heart

Shine on me baby
Cause its raining
In my heart

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