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Artist Elton John
Song lyrics Look Ma No Hands from Songs From The West Coast album.

Iīll take a rainy day
To make a champagne shower
Poach some horn and tusk
To build an ivory tower

Been to Philadelphia
The day it was closed
I walked to New Orleans
Down a Louisiana road

The skeletons they hung from the bushes and the trees
But not a skull among īem said boo to me
In a time of wine and cheap cigars
Iīm on top of the world
Top of the world Ma

Look Ma no hands
Look Ma ainīt life grand
Iīm a super power, Iīm a handy man
Didnīt I turn out, didnīt I turn out to be
Everything you wanted Ma
Ainīt you proud of me

It takes a silver tongue
To have the Midas touch
Not your alchemist
Making gold from rust

Been down in Roswell
When the Martians came
I sailed to Mandeville
Across Lake Pontchartrain

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