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Artist Elvis Presley
Song lyrics Suspicion from Pot Luck With Elvis album.

Everytime you kiss me I'm still not certain that you love me
Every time you hold me I'm still not certain that you care
Though you keep on saying you really really really love me
Do you speak the same words to someone else when I'm not there?
* Suspicion torments my heart
Suspicion keeps us apart
Suspicion why torture me?

Everytime you call me and tell me we should meet tomorrow
I can't help but think that you're meeting someone else tonight
Why should our romance just keep on causing me such sorrow
Why am I so doubtful whenever you are out of sight?

* Repeat

Darling, if you love me, I beg you wait a little longer
Wait until I drive all these foolish fears out of my mind
How I hope and pray that our love will keep on growing stronger
Maybe I'm suspicious 'cause true love is so hard to find

* Repeat

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