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Artist Embrace
Song lyrics Near Life from Out Of Nothing album.

It would be wrong for a tale so sad to end upon a note just like that.
Happy, lost and still unaware.
Throw your worries down with your cares.
All I've got to show me I'm good is the fight I've got when I do some bad.
The guilt connects me but it's never enough to light the way when it's all I have.
Near life.
They say he works in some simple ways you don't feel guilt then you'll never pay.
Because guilt won't take you if you look and see you life's a hurdle and it's out of reach.
You tell a painter how they should paint you start a feeling that you'll never change.
I'm on a ship and I've found the sails.
I've got my hammer all I see is nails.
Near life.

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