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Artist Embrace
Song lyrics Retread from The Good Will Out album.

My girl is just a retread
I lost her when I hit the breaks
Our love hit science fiction levels
Now I`m bending cos I've made a mistake
Here I stand afraid
With no more to say

Now I feel so insecure
I can`t save
Something I feel so much for
Won`t you stay
and leave a light for me

Now I've found myself redeemed
Cos no one's seen the bad in me
Or been where I`ve been
And not turned to leave
And now I feel so insecure
I can't save
Something I feel so much for
Won't you stay
You know if you had a wing
You'd be the last to know
You could fly
He strokes your hair
To keep you down

Will you fight?
Let's see you fight
Will you fight?
The good will out
And I`ll come clean
There`s nothing in between
You and me
So let me go my way

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