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Artist Eminem
Song lyrics Good Night from Bulletproof album.

Verse 1
No matter the records I move
or my platinum status
faggots keep at us
with somethin' to prove
mad at us 'cuz our pockets is fattest
we in a groove
no stopping us
why you the saddest fuckin' bitch on the planet
you can't stand it
so you wanna try to come at us
I caught this bull shit from rule
but we was cool
fuck being merciful!!
shit just turned PERSONAL!!

Verse 2
So you wanna test me?
you gonna taunt me?
flaunt ya chest
I'll lay you to rest to haunt me
just 'cuz I'm laid back
don't mean you can take that
as an invite to fight
and try to take back
the game and my fame
when I worked so hard to take rap
and further it's limits
ya fifteen minutes is up, bitch!
so stop with the gimmicks
don't touch what isn't yours
this isn't business anymore
you missin the nineties trick
someone show this has-been the door
shit like this already happened before
get the shit off your chest
at best be a man
let's lay this dumb shit to rest
instead you'd rather run your fucken
mouth to the press!!

Verse 3
Now it's out, no hiding it, no denying it
I hope you don't think the public
is buying this shit
there I said it
be careful what you wish for
you just might get it
and this time I'ma make sure
that you fucken regret it
don't you get it
imitation faggot!
you ain't shit in this game
without your intimidation tactics
say some shit to me though
you better back it
or better yet grab a doggy bag
and fucken pack it!
don't think for a second
I don't know why you pissed at me
getting publicity
trying to diss my ethnicity
just'cuz i'm white
I must not be right, right?
this lime light is bright
you'll never reach my heights!!
I'll tell you what petey
I digged your last c.d
but this fat ass is greedy
unless you want to end up like 'Pac
you should walk outta his meeting
he'll run your name to the ground
'till your fame can't be found
if it wasn't for this dope
Pac would still be around
I give to the cause
petey, reconsider your clause
'cuz when he sinks in his claws
you begin to pay for his flaws.......

Em talking-
hey petey, on the real, you wanna be a star that i know you are and can be, come over to me,
fuck this dude, he ain't about shit no more, all he ever did was get rich off mother fuckers like you and me, the artist, me and you ain't got no beef but I will tell you this much, you stay with this dude and ain't nothing good can come out of it, holla at me and we'll talk, and suge, all i got to say is.......I'll see you in hell..ha.ha.......

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