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Artist Eminem
Song lyrics Em Calls Paul (Skit) from Encore album.

Yo Paul
it's Em
I got your call about the Michael Jackson thing
and I know he's not thrilled about the video
what, does he wanna be startin' somethin?
I'll show him who's really bad (BURRRP!)
Paul the way you make me feel with these call
you should take a look at the man in
the mirror and tell him to beat it 'cuz
I won't stop 'till I get enough
Do you remember the time
we were watching the "Billie Jean"
video? well he'll always be that Michael to me
and it doesn't matter if he's black or white
'cuz I can't stop loving him and I--
hate plastic surgeons and I hope they all f***ing
How do you like that? I like him alot
I wanna touch him
but I can't
but anyways call me back I have an idea about
how to end the show
page me when you get this message
and by the way no I didn't- - -

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