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Artist Eminem
Song lyrics Cherry Pop from Various Songs album.


i made u cherry pop,
u told me, emenim plz dont stop,
i smiled and i said,
u not gettin outta dis bed!

verse 1:

It was a Saturday night,
You boobs made u shirt too tight,
i looked at 'em,
and wanted to turn off the light

so i did.
oooooooo yooooooooooouuuuuuuu wassssssssss
i payed da price.
i bought u goodies.
Man day wuz nice!
u ass reminded of an apple,
u drank muh cum like a snapple.
my dick wuz u straw
and u really started naw.......on it.


verse 2:

pretty soon we wuz gettin it on,
and then it soon was to be dawn
it was six oclock
and i had reached the dock.
man, that was sweet
and i wanted my feet
up ure vagina!


verse 3:

so we did it.
and den u wuz pregnant
and den i wuz like
so i gave u belly a slap
and i got out me sledgehammer
and i killed u and u unborn babe.


verse 4:

so im a killer now, right?
its all cuz u shirt too tight.
so i learned a lesson today.
man, bitch, wear a bra!!

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