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Artist Evermore
Song lyrics This Unaviodable Things Between Us from Dreams album.

Between us I feel this undeniable thing
Between us so real this unavoiable thing
Between us I see this undeniable thing, between us

Everytime you say the words it's real
And everytime you say the words I feel

The night is long today, my love for you has changed
The night is long today, a hope has been replaced
All the steps we take, the ones that lead away, a little

When we walk away, we only grow more near
When we turn away, it all becomes so clear
This unavoidable thing, joining us

A little too late, a little too soon, a little
To give a little, to take a little, to lose a little
To find a little, to die a little, to live a little

And it won't be long...
'Cause it's falling down, and I'll take you there...

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