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Artist Faith Evans
Song lyrics Get Over You from The First Lady album.

can remember the day and time that we broke up
It was December and the holidays were coming up
I didnít expect to loose all of the time I shared with you
But now that itís gone I find myself longing for you

No doubt about it Iím sorry for the way things worked out
If I could change it I would change it but I donít know how
(No I canít ainít no need to cry when I know the reason why)
You chose to leave me but I still wish you were here with me

Its true I canít get over you
No matter what I do
Even if I try I, I canít get over you

I can remember calling your phone and hanging up
Cause I was to afraid to talk, if by chance you picked it up
But now that I done thought about it,
Iíd feel better if we talk about it
And let you know whatís on my mind
See I wanna try to make things right.

[Repeat Prelude]
[Repeat Chorus]

Lately Iíve been doing some reminiscing
Iíd be lying if I said that I donít miss you
I have feelings from deep in the past
Cause now I need you back
It wasnít so bad

[Repeat Chorus 2x]

I canít get over you
I canít get over you
No I canít get over
Said no way I canít get over
I canít get over you
Alright yea yea

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