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Artist Faith Evans
Song lyrics Again from Various Songs album.

now id have felt alot of pain
and have seen alot of things
and even though i might have changed
i try my best to stay the same
but you know with my money
my problems cant

If i had to do it all again
i wouldnt take away the rain
coz i know it made me who i am
if i had to do it all again
ive learnt so much from my mistakes
thats how i know hes watchin me

in ATL i caught a case
the media tried to say
i had a happy
i couldnt manage
i was throwing my life away
but everything aint what it seems
just because its on tv
coz they speculate and exagurate for a better story


it might make you happy
it might make you sad
soo sad
but i know thats why i keep beliving
whatevers meant to be
is gonna be

(chorus)x 2

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