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Song lyrics It's Got To Be Love from I Wanna Get Close album.

The very first time we met,
It was gonna be the same
You & I would get together connect
And I was gonna play my game
Little did I know
That you would turn out to be the one
‘Coz I never did believe in that
It was always just for fun

But somethin's happenin' and
I don't know what it is
Like I've been enchanted
Because of just one kiss
Now I'm feelin' so strange
‘Coz I've noticed a change in me
Could it really be…

It's got to be love
That I'm feelin'
‘Coz I can't deny it, try to fight it
But it feels so right
It's got to be love that I'm feelin'
Somethin' deep inside,
I just can't hide it
‘Coz it feels so right

I've always been the kind of guy
Who played the ladies very cool
They'd always tell me
Love is this and that
But I was breakin' every rule
And I would always go
And take a different honey every night
So I thought that it was
Just another girl for me
And I'd be leaving you behind

Refrain 2:
But somethin's happenin' now
I don't know what to do
It's like I'm under your spell
Now baby all I think about is you
I can't help but fall
‘Coz you've taken control over me
Could this really be

Repeat Chorus:
(RAP) You're on my mind
Every minute of the day and night
And you're hittin' my dreams
Everytime I turn out the light
And I don't understand it
‘Coz I've always been a player
The kind of guy who hits a shortie
Then it's see ya later
But you're the type o' girl
Turnin' my world upside down
I always wanna be around
Got me thinkin' of settlin' down
With you, girl,
You're definitely good for me
And all I know is
It's got to be love

Repeat Chorus:
It's got to be love (4x)

Repeat ... fade out

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