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Song lyrics You've Taken Over Me from I Wanna Get Close album.

While the world keeps turning round and round
While I feel I just can't hear a sound
I hear your name...
I hear your name
I try to go back to my usual day
I try to slip back to my usual ways
But it's not the same
I'm not the same

Don't you know that love is the voice
That whispers each time I try to hide it
I've lost all control, I'm helpless inside
And you'll see it in my eyes, you know

You've taken over me,
My baby now you've taken over my heart
You've taken over me,
My baby now you've taken over my heart
From the start…

I've never felt this way for anyone
My security has come undone
And I feel alive…
I feel alive
To a place I've never been before
When you came, you opened up the door
And it feels so right, it feels so right…

I didn't know that love would be here
But now that you've come, I just can't fight it
And now it's so clear, with this feeling inside
There's no need to ask why...because


Whatever you want is my command, now that's how I feel
It's like whatever you wish for, I will grant
And the feeling is oh so real…



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