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Artist Freestyle
Song lyrics Down And Funky from This Time album.

Looking at you
I see you're alone
And I've seen you
‘Round here many times before
I think it's time
Got you on my mind
We could get together girl

I feel you all night
Across the floor
I just don't know what
You've been waiting for
Just come on over to me and
I promise I'll be good to you baby
‘Coz I've got what you're looking for

To fall in love with you
Is what I'd really like to do
To fall in love with you
Is what I'd really like to do

So let's get down (down)
Let's get down
Let's get funky

Now that I've got you
I'm holding you tight
Ooh, can you feel it
It just feels so right
I want you to be kissing me
And caressing my body
Baby, baby do it to me
All night – all night

I know you can feel it too
Oh babe, when I was looking at you
You look so good
Like a whip cream
On top of my ice cream
My favorite flavor
Do me a favor
Babe come over here
And get to thy neighbor
Hold you, mold you, unfold you
Low and behold you too
I think you know what's on my mind
Keep the place standing tonight
‘Coz I won't stop ‘til
I know you're mine

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