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Artist Freestyle
Song lyrics Make Love from This Time album.

Tonight is the night
I'm gonna make this thing right
Come closer - come and hold me tight
Feel the heat come rushin'
for my body's yearnin'
Can't you see,
I wanna be all that you need 

I just wanna feel you
How would I be touching you
So just give me all you're lovin'
Spend sometime with me
On this lovely evening 

I wanna make love with you
Feel your arms like you want me to
Holdin' you is what I wanna do
Just tell me when
To get close enough to you (Repeat) 

No need to worry
It's just you and me baby
Sit by my side
There's no need to hide
So close your eyes
And don't think twice
Feel my lips all over your cheeks
C'mon break the ice

(Refrain then Chorus)

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