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Artist Good Charlotte
Song lyrics The Eastcoast Anthem from Various Songs album.

Walking on the streets of DC

on the Eastcoast where I live

They say 'What's your problem?

What's with this angry kid?'

You don't like the way I walk

Or the way I talk

Or the way I swing my hands

You don't like the words I speak or the thought I think

And I know you'll never understand...


You know

On the Eastcoast we ride until we die

You know Oh oh oh

There's a place inside my mind

Yeah, A place you'll never find

There's a place inside my mind

Walk this way

You know

(chorus ends)

Wouldn't it be perfect if I could sit with you

and we could change a thing or two

We'd change a thing or two

We can change the way you think

We can change the way I think

We can't change they think

So we're not changin' anything


(chorus ends)

Cause on the eatscoast we ride until the day we die


(chorus ends)

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