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Artist Group X
Song lyrics Don't Touch That from Stepping On The Crowtche Owf Your American President album.

(to tune of "Can't Touch This")

Don't touch that
Don't touch that
Can't have it
Hands off

Schmy schmy schmy schmy
Music did me so good
Made me say "Oh my God"
Thank you for giving me a
2 hip rhyme and a 2 hop feet
It feel good and I dont know what but
Thats my hot dog and you can't touch so
Get your hands off and you know what
That's my hot dog, can't touch

Can't touch that
Hands off
Get away...bitch

Every time you see me Hashmeer is in trouble
I like to chew gum and I like to blow the bubble
One time I blew the bubble so big
That inside of the bubble was a little kid
Little kid come out and he says to me "Schwat?"
I said get your hands off my hot dog that is something,
Can't touch

Don't touch that
Can't have it
Hands off
Put it down

Stop! Hashmeer time
Say what?

When I get tired I like to take a nap
And you say Group X steals a beat and that's bunch of crap
Why would we ever stop doing that cause
'Cause Puff Daddy do it except he cannot rap
Been around the world from Chicago to Yew Nork
It's Hashmeer go Hashmeer go Hashmeer go Hashmeer
And the rest can go away, schwhat?

Don't touch that
Can't have it
I bomb your house, idiot
Go to town!


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