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Song lyrics Mario Twins from Various Songs album.

FRIEND1: Hey Slade!

FRIEND2: Shiggity Shiggity Shwa...

FRIEND1: Guess what idiot.
FRIEND2: What you did today?
FRIEND1: Uh...
FRIEND2: Wrong!
FRIEND1: Hey I got a new Super 88 system.
FRIEND2: You did not.
FRIEND1: Swear to God. I got it at Chunky's for two dollars eh.
FRIEND2: Oh yeah, let me see it [pause] wow.
FRIEND1: Yeah, you like that - idiot! I got it. You don't.
FRIEND2: Shut up. Got game?
FRIEND1: Hey guess what. It has new game.
FRIEND2: What game?
FRIEND1: I want to play it. It's called Mario Twins.
FRIEND2: They look the same. Wow!
FRIEND1: Good guys. They look so god damn like the same person. I would say to them, "you want ice cream cone?" Both of them say yes. How in the hell?!
FRIEND2: They are twins.
FRIEND1: Both of them. Hey lets play it. Ready?
FRIEND2: It goes...
...then the fun begins

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