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Artist Hoobastank
Song lyrics Did You from Spiderman 2 OST album.

Did you say everything you could
do the things that you thought you would
Did it ever occur to you that
this could be your final day?

Did you go where you wanted to go
learn about what you wanted to know
Did you ever really give something back
instead of always taking it

Did you find what you're looking for
Did you get your foot in the door
Can you look at yourself and feel
proud of all the things you've done

Did you inspire the ones that you knew
Make a difference to those who knew you
Did you finally figure out what it is
that makes us who we are today

Don't waste another day
(you never know when you'll get one)
Don't waste another day
(to do anything you haven't done)

Did you always give it your best
Is there anything you regret
If you could have another shot at it all
would you do it just the same

Was it all that you thought it could be
Are you the person you thought you would be
Or did it feel like you were spinning your wheels
instead of moving forward everyday

repeat CHORUS
repeat CHORUS

Did you... did you... (x2)

repeat CHORUS
repeat CHORUS

Did you... did you... (x4)

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