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Artist Hoobastank
Song lyrics Just One from The Reason album.

I wanna live
I wanna leave
I wanna open up and breathe
I wanna go
I wanna be
I wanna feel it constantly

Gotta show
Gotta say
I've gotta feelin that wont go away
I've gotta know
If they go away
My oppurtunities....

Just one chance is all I ever wanted
Just one time I'd like to win the game
From now on I'll take the chance if I can have it
Just one
Just one

I need to think
I need to feed
I need to see if I still bleed
I need a place
I need a time
Cause I need to step outside that line

Gonna give
Gonna take
I'm gonna scream till Im awake
I'm gonna push
I'm gonna pull
Open up the door...

And if I knew when the door was open
I'd go through
I would go on through
And I can say
When I do I'll never be the same
Never be the same...

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