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Artist Jaci Velasquez
Song lyrics Little Voice Inside from Jaci Velasquez album.

Chris Harris, Joey Elwood & Toby McKeehan

Father do you hear me
¡®Cause I know I hear you
I waited for the answers
While sitting here in my room
I danced to the rhythm
And moved by myself
No one could see through me
Or hear the words I felt

Little voice inside keeps calling
Little voice inside it cries
Little voice inside keeps calling
Little voice--oh won't you be my guide

I sometimes hear the echo
The pattern of my cry
I sometimes feel the pulling
From a sound that's deep inside
Quiet are the whispers
And silent are my eyes
No one hears but me
That little voice inside you see...

Lyrics ©1998 Fun Attic Music/ASCAP/Gotee Music/Achtober Song/BMI

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